Ready to Grow? (Sam’s $80,000 Email)

You’ve got a business that you love.
And you’d love it a lot more if it were making more money.

Do you find yourself:

  • scrambling to make ends meet each month….but not sure how to stabilize your income?
  • exhausted from having to do everything yourself….but unable to find/afford a trustworthy team?
  • needing more customers, clients and fans….but not wanting to be pushy, salesy or weird?


Been there.

The hockey-stick shaped learning curve of growing a solopreneur venture from the “barely sustainable” $1000/month revenue to the “now this is more like it” $10,000/month and beyond is enough to make even the most enthusiastic person feel tired.

For a little fun, go ahead and watch Sam get a standing ovation for her poem, “Ode to the Entrepreneur.” This video was recorded at Infusioncon 2010, where Sam was being honored as an Infusionsoft Ultimate Marketer Finalist. (She had just doubled her mailing list and her income using Infusionsoft, and has continued to do so each year since.)

Feeling relaxed and ready to do some work?

Here’s the link to Sam’s webinar, “10 Steps to Email Fabulousness” in which she reveals the secret of the ONE email she sent that generated over $80,000. No joke.

P.S. Want to learn more about Infusionsoft? Here’s the link to watch the demo.

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